KnightWeb for Faculty and Advisors

What is KnightWeb?

KnightWeb is the name given to the Self-Service Banner web application at SUNY Geneseo currently used by students, faculty, advisors and alumni development officers. Students can register, print copies of unofficial transcripts and schedules, do course availability searches, view holds, and view their student, accounts receivable and financial aid information.

Faculty and advisors can display and print their class rosters and access information for their students.

How do I get started?

  1. KnightWeb accounts are provided for all faculty and advisors. KnightWeb can be accessed from wherever you have Internet access - office or home.

  2. From your internet browser, navigate to "".

  3. Click on the "Login with Geneseo Username and password" link.

  4. Enter your Geneseo username and password in the screen that appears. (This screen may not appear if you've recently logged in.) In the example below, Professor Higgins ( is logging into KnightWeb. Note that the "" is NOT included in the Username.

    Geneseo central authorization screen, with username higgins and a hidden password entered


  5. Accept the Terms of Usage by clicking the "Continue" button.

  6. Setup your Security Question.  Your pin is generally your birth date in MMDDYY format.  So if your birth date is March 5th, 1970, your pin would be 030570.  You will not need your pin after this setup is complete.

  7. If you have any problems with your KnightWeb login PIN, please contact the CIT Helpdesk.

What is available in KnightWeb for Faculty & Advisors?

From the Main Menu, click on Faculty Menu. You can choose from a variety of web services, including Faculty Detail Schedule, Faculty Schedule by Day and Time, Summary Class List (class roster), Final Grades and selections from Student Menu (View Student Schedule) and Advisor Menu (Student Academic Transcript). Any page displayed can be printed from your browser.

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