Degree Works Waivers using KnightWeb - Faculty

This article will help faculty create Degree Works Waivers for their Students via KnightWeb


Follow the instructions below to create a degree works audit waiver in KnightWeb.

  1. Log into KnightWeb with your SUNY Geneseo user Id and password.

  2. Go to Faculty Services > Advisor Menu > Waivers/Substitutions.

  3. To create a request for a waiver:

    1. Click on the Create Requests tab

    2. Enter G-number for the student (required).

    3. Click on Get Student Info. Student information (name, email, expected grad date, advisor name, and their major/minor/concentration) is uploaded from Banner.

      1. Click on Start Over if you want to select a different student.

    4. Select from the drop-down menu under "I am seeking a wavier or exception for:" the student's major/minor/concentration, or GenEd/Other. When the correct major/minor/concentration selected, you will see the name and email of the approver.

      1. If the student's major is listed as Undeclared, or one of the pre-majors (Pre-Biology, Pre-Education, Pre-Business, etc.), please do not submit the waiver because processed waivers will come unhooked when the student declares major.

      2. Student's major/minor/concentration not showing correctly on the list? This means the program was never declared. Please do not submit the waiver. The student should come to our office in Erwin 106 to declare correct program.

    5. Required Course or Program Requirement: select either Choose a course or Enter Manually. Click on View Examples for some guidance. Please use Degree Works audit as shown in the examples.

      1. The Choose a Course option allows you to select course from drop-down menu. For example, if Calc I is the required course, select MATH 221 from the list.

      2. The Enter Manually option is for free text to be entered in a text box. For example, type in "1 Class in 3 of the 4 subfields, American Politics" to describe the requirement.

    6. Waiver/Substitute Course: select either Choose a course or Enter Manually.

      1. The Choose a Course option allows you to select a course from a list of completed courses on the student's transcript. If the substitute course is a transfer course that's not showing on this list, please do not submit the waiver. The student should contact the Registrar's Office.

      2. Please do not submit the waiver if the substitute course is in progress (IP) except if the student is in his/her final semester.

    7. Click on the Submit button.



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