The Argos reporting product provides staff with custom Geneseo reports and extracts.

Before You Start

  • Department Chairs and Department Secretaries automatically have Argos access.  Other departmental users should request an account via the CIT Helpdesk.

Accessing an Argos Datablock

  1. Open a web browser and go to myGeneseo.

  2. Once you're logged in, click on the Argos tile in the main area of the screen:

  3. At the login screen, enter your Geneseo username and password.  Then click "Sign In"

  4. Click the "Argos Web Viewer" button.

  5. Click a folder in the left pane.

  6. Click on a datablock title in the main pane.

Using Argos Datablocks

Every report is different, but below are general principles for using Argos reports.

  • Extracting data to Excel: Click the gear icon 

    gear icon.png

     in the lower right corner of the data block.

  • Don't miss the tabs: Many reports contain multiple tabs.  Tabs are located in a bar a couple inches from the top of the screen.  For example:

  • Running Reports: Reports provide an additional means for extracting data from the datablock.  CSV format is generally used, and it generally matches the data extracted by the gear icon.  Some reports additionally provide PDF output.  To run a report, click on the "Report" dropdown near the top of the screen, and select an option.  Then click the "Run" button.  For example: