Digital Signs with Airtame and RiseVision Player

Airtame devices can be used as simple managed digital signage via the RiseVision Player app and Google Slides and display Emergency Communications via Informacast. For purchasing iformation and configuration assistance, please Ask CIT.

Before You Start

Prior to purchasing equipment, CIT recommends that you consult with Facilities Service on the location of your sign. Facilities will assist with mounting the equipment and electrical power.

The following items must be recommended by CIT and purchased by the department:

  • Digital display (TV) and mounting bracket

  • Airtame

  • Airtame Plus and Rise Vision licenses (CIT chargeback)

Digital Display Content (Google Slides)

  1. Go to and create a slideshow. 

  2. Click File → Publish to the Web choosing options as shown.


  3. Click Publish.

  4. Copy the link to the slideshow for use with Risevision. Share the link with CIT.