Calendar Appointment Scheduling for Individuals and Departments

All Geneseo faculty, staff, and students have a Google account that includes calendar. This self help document describes options for making appointment times available for students, colleagues, and external contacts.

Before You Start

  • Determine which Google calendar will be used for appointment scheduling.

    • Personal calendar

    • Department account calendar (contact the CIT HelpDesk for questions)

    • A new Google calendar created for this purpose

  • Identify people who will schedule appointments with you.

    • Geneseo students

    • Geneseo faculty & staff

    • External customers (incoming students, parents, vendors, etc.)

Appointment Scheduling Options


Best for meeting with 



For More Information


Best for meeting with 



For More Information

Google Meetings

Geneseo Account Holders
(faculty, staff, students)

  • all Geneseo users have a Calendar account

  • Geneseo departments have at least one Google account

  • Requires basic knowledge of how to schedule group meetings

  • Permissions must be changed to allow meetings with external users

Google Calendar Help

Google Appointment Slots

Geneseo Account Holders

  • appointment page can be shared via email, as a link, or embedded in a Google page

  • Meeting participants must have a Google account

Use Google Calendar Appointment Slots


Geneseo Students

  • students can easily find your service via the Navigate student app

  • students do not need to know who they must meet with – more than one Google user can accept appointments for a service location

  • Appointments are only available for Geneseo students

Dean of Academic Planning and Advising

External Customers

Geneseo Account Holders

  • Free integration with Google

  • Easy to share calendar with external participants without changing calendar permissions

  • Simple interface

  • Can restrict 

  • Free version is limited to single-calendar setup

  • Services do not have Geneseo look-and-feel or branding

  • Cannot pool calendars to offer meetings with more than one person


Mix of Geneseo and non-Geneseo participants

  • An easy way to schedule meetings with a large group of participants

  • Simple to use interface 

  • Free version has limited features

  • Free version cannot schedule the final meeting – participants must transfer it to their own calendar(s)

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