Docuware Desktop Client Updating

This article is intended to assist users in updating their Docuware desktop application.


These steps require Admin credentials in order for Docuware to be updated. Please use Make Me Admin to gain administrative rights prior to following the steps below.

  1. Locate the Docuware Desktop Apps Icon in your task bar (click on the up arrow ^ next to your battery or wifi icon in the lower right corner)

    1.  Right click on the blue Docuware icon and choose Check for Updates

    2. You will now see a yellow Docuware icon, choose the yellow icon and then choose Update Desktop Apps to begin the update

  2. Follow the prompts to update, it should take approximately 5 minutes to complete (reboot may be required)

  3. After the update is completed, you will need to reconnect

    1. Login to your Docuware account

    2. From the pulldown menu, choose Desktop Apps < Connect to Desktop Apps

    3. When successful, you will get a message in the upper right corner saying that the connection was successful

  4. Open the desktop apps and choose the Connections tab

    1. Check to make sure that you are connected to the new URL

    2. Remove the connection for the old URL

  5. You should be all set!

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