Account Expirations


An account is "expired" when a person loses computing account eligibility. When an account is expired it is locked and made inaccessible; access to most systems on campus is also prevented. Documents, email, and other files owned by the account are not generally removed immediately, but will eventually be deleted according to the deletion schedule procedures below. Email sent to an expired account will bounce and the sender will be notified the email address is no longer valid. 

Before your account expires use Google's instructions to transfer your email and drive files to a personal gmail account. You can also easily download an archive of all of your Google Data using Google Takeout.

Account expiration: Students

Enrolled students at the college will have an active account for the duration of their studies at the college and as long as they are on an approved leave. Student enrollment status is maintained in Banner.

  • All undergraduate and graduate student accounts will become inactive if a student does not enroll for 1 semester and is not admitted for a current or future semester their account will be marked for expiration. They will receive a warning 4 weeks before their account expires. For questions about approved leaves and enrollment status please contact:

    Office of Enrollment Services SUNY Geneseo
    312 Doty Hall 1 College Circle
    Geneseo, New York 14454
    Phone: (585) 245-5619
    Fax: (585) 245-5005

  • Graduating Students: Your account will remain active for 4 weeks after you are marked as graduated by the Office of the Registrar.

Account expiration: Faculty, Staff, and other employees paid via SUNY HR Payroll

Eligibility for computing accounts is based off the SUNY HR system fed into Banner.

Currently CIT receives an automated daily list of employees terminated from the college. CIT processes this list and manually contacts departments to verify if accounts can be removed or not. Departments are encouraged to proactively submit an request an account be disabled.  Departments should also review all departmental data terminated employees had access to, departmental secrets or logins they knew (facebook/twitter accounts), and other access they employee may have had not tied to their primary geneseo account and change the passwords of those accounts.

If you have an account that needs to be disabled before the last work day such as an adverse termination please submit our request an account be disabled form and contact CIT at 585-245-5577.

Account expiration: Unpaid affiliated accounts

People who are not students and not being paid but still have a departmentally defined and approved relationship with Geneseo that grants them access to Geneseo computing resources. These accounts expiration dates will be set at the time of account creation. Manual extension of expiration will be required to verify the accounts are still in use, needed, and the persons are in good standing.

Account expiration: L.I.V.E.S.

LIVES accounts are disabled by request from the LIVES Coordinator Jennifer Waddington.

Email Notification of Pending Expiration

When students are forecasted to lose computing account eligibility based on their Banner data, they will be notified via email of the expiration date for their accounts. Notices will begin as early as 30 days prior to a forecasted loss of eligibility, with additional notices closer to the expiration date.

Google Data Deletion Schedule for Expired Accounts

Google data owned by expired accounts will be deleted after the owner’s account has been expired for 1 year. People with whom the expired owner’s Google Drive data was shared will be warned 4 months before deletion via a Jira request asking them to make copies of all Google Drive data they wish to save.

Identifying and Making Copies of Expiring Google Drive Data

  1. Browse to, sign in with your Geneseo account.

  2. Search for in the Google Drive search box.

  3. Right click any search results you want to preserve and select “Make a copy” to save a copy in your Geneseo Google Drive. Any copies you create will add 'Copy of' to the beginning of the original title and be created in your “My Drive” area of Google Drive.

    1. Tip: You can select multiple items, right click, and “Make a copy” to copy all of the selected items to your Geneseo Google Drive.

You can ensure important Google Drive files outlive your Geneseo Google account by placing them in a Google Shared Drive. This transfers ownership of the files to the Shared Drive, which ensures they will remain available to other members of the Shared Drive when your Geneseo Google Drive data is eventually deleted.