ArcGIS Online User Guide

ArcGIS Online is accessible through modern web browsers and mobile devices with apps for Android and iOS

Requesting access to ArcGIS Online

If you are taking a class from the Geography Department, your professor may have already granted you access to ArcGIS Online. If so, proceed to the Sign In to ArcGIS Online section. 

  1. Submit a Software Request in the CIT Helpdesk portal

  2. Make sure to fill out all fields in the ticket to ensure a quick turn around

  3. In 24-48 hours you will be authorized for ArcGIS Online, you will receive an email from with an invitation link that expires in 14 days

    1. You will need to click the link to accept the invitation and activate your ArcGIS Online account

  4. Once you have accepted the invitation, proceed to the next section

Sign In to ArcGIS Online

  1. Once you have received and accepted an invitation to ArcGIS Online, you can login by going to

  2. When you are presented with Sign in to SUNY Geneseo, Click the blue button for "SUNY Geneseo Federated Login (Microsoft)" to sign in

  3. In this window proceed to sign in with your Geneseo Email Address  and Geneseo Password

  4. If successful you will be presented with the SUNY Geneseo ArcGIS Online landing page and you will see your name in the Upper Right hand corner

  5. You are now logged into ArcGIS Online 

Having Trouble?

If if the login method above did not work, try the steps below

Alternate Login Method

  1. Open your browser and log in to with your Geneseo Email Address  and Geneseo Password

  2. Open another tab in your browser and go to and click Sign In

  3. Select the option for "Your ArcGIS organization's URL" and type in "geneseo" then click Continue

  4. Click the "SUNY Geneseo Federated Login (Microsoft)" button to sign in

  5. Wait a minute while it checks the login (there should be no need to sign in again)

  6. ArcGIS Online should recognize your login and you will be presented with the SUNY Geneseo ArcGIS Online landing page and you will see your name in the Upper Right hand corner.

Still Having Trouble?

If you receive the following or similar error message, make sure you have accepted the Invitation to ArcGIS email or have requested access following the steps above. If you are still having trouble please contact the CIT HelpDesk

Looking for More Information about ArcGIS Online?

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