Server Space at Geneseo

This page provides information on how to store and access files on the Geneseo server space.

Geneseo maintains a number of various servers, each performing specific functions. Over time, server names have changed and it can be confusing as to where individuals should store or backup their files. In addition there have been some problems with users filling up their allocated disk space. This article provides recommendations as to where faculty, staff, and students should be storing files on the Geneseo servers.

 Types of Files 

 Server Name


 How to Access

 Types of Files 

 Server Name


 How to Access

Individual Files


750MB (Faculty/Staff upon request, Google Drive is preferred)
(Students should use Google Drive)

\\files\username (Windows)
smb:// (Mac)

Departmental Files


\\files\Departmental\departmentname (Windows)
\\files\admin\departmentname (Windows)
smb:// (Mac)

Project Files


\\files\Projects (Windows)
smb:// (Mac)

Inbox & Outbox


\\files\Inbox (Windows)
\\files\Outbox (Windows) 
smb:// (Mac)
smb:// (Mac)

The primary file server for storage on campus is known as Files. It holds departmental and individual files. Snapshot backups are available for all areas of Files. Everything stored on files is also backed up to our central backup server.

  • Individual
    This is a private area for faculty and staff to copy important documents to/from their primary computer. Google Drive is preferred for this purpose.

  • Department
    Departmental server space is a shared space where members of the same department can store departmental documents. CIT recommends all important files are stored here, rather than on individual machines.

  • Projects
    Projects is a location for specialized access. For example, if you have a project where people from many departments and/or students need to access the same files, a Projects folder can be created and specific users can be granted access to it.

  • Inbox and Outbox
    In & Out boxes are network-accessible folders for faculty and students to share and transfer files. These boxes are set up for professors who have requested them. They are not created automatically. The Inbox is a 'drop box' where students have write-only access and can deposit assignments and projects. The outbox is a place for faculty to place files that can be read by the students but not modified or deleted. Outboxes are also available from the web with a Geneseo username and password at: For more information about In and Out boxes, read this Self Help Document.

Accessing a Server with Windows
To access a server, follow these instructions:

  1. Right click on the Start Button.

  2. Select Run... from the Start Menu.

  3. Type "\\servername\sharename" (as examples above)

  4. Click OK.

  5. If prompted for your username and password use Geneseo\yourusername as the username.

You can create a "shortcut" to one of these areas by: 

  1. Right clicking on the desktop and Select New followed by Shortcut.

  2. In text box for location of the item, type \\servername\sharename

  3. Click Next.

  4. Name the shortcut and click Finish.

Accessing a Server in macOS

  1. From the Finder, click the Go menu item at the top of your screen.

  2. Choose Connect to Server ...

  3. Type in servername

  4. Click on the Connect button.

  5. When prompted, type your Geneseo email username and password.

  6. Select the share you want to connect to from the list that appears.

You can create a "shortcut" to one of these areas by: 

  1. Connecting to the area you would like the shortcut to connect to

  2. Holding down the command, option, mouse button on the icon for the share you've connected to

  3. Drag this icon to the desired location. If the shortcut is being created properly, a curved icon should replace the regular pointer.

To view the amount of space you are currently using on both Main and Files, visit the myBalances tab in myGeneseo.