Managed Google Groups


Managed Google Groups are Google Groups in the domain whose membership is based on population selections from our campus information system.

Most Managed Google Groups:

  • send members each approved message as an individual email

  • are moderated, meaning any messages submitted to the Group will be held for a Group Manager to either approve or reject the message

    • will notify you if a message you submitted is rejected.

    • allow new messages to be submitted by email or the Groups web interface.

"New Groups" vs "Classic Groups"

Google is rolling out a new Groups user interface they call "New Groups". As of November 2020, users may still revert to "Classic Groups" to access features that are not yet implemented in "New Groups". Eventually, Google will remove this capability.

Submitting a Message to a Group

Submitting Via Email

Submitting a message via email is usually as simple as sending an email to the Managed Google Group email address by:

  • Composing a new message in Gmail and using the autocomplete functionality to search for the group name or email address in the Global Address List. Most Managed Google Groups are included in that search.

  • Searching for the group in Google Groups, and looking for the email address in the results. If you click on a group in the results, the About link on the left should show you the Group email address.

Submitting Via Google Groups

Member Help

Leaving or Unsubscribing

Most Managed Google Groups either do not allow members to leave, or will automatically add members in that population back to the Group within 24 hours.

Members can change their email delivery options if they feel they are receiving too much email from a Group.

Manage Email Frequency

Members of Managed Google Groups can control how they receive email from each Group they belong to, choosing between receiving:

  • an individual email for every message, delivered as soon as it was posted/approved

  • a batch ("digest") of up to 25 messages per day, delivered at an unpredictable time of day

  • a single daily abridged summary of all messages, delivered at an unpredictable time of day

  • no email

Manager Help

Ideas: yoink the tips from unnamed link, describe default Managed Google Groups settings, detail how to add additional Managers, eventually detail how Managers can use RapidIdentity to add manual member inclusions/exclusions and sync them to Google.

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