Make Me Admin app to gain temporary administrative rights on your Windows computer

Make Me Admin for Windows is designed to allow users to work as a standard user for day-to-day use by providing a quick and easy way to get administrator rights when needed. When you do need admin rights, you can get them by clicking on the Make Me Admin icon in your Start Menu. Working as a standard user instead of an administrator adds another layer of security to your Windows computer and is considered a security best practice. Make Me Admin helps enable users to act as administrators of the system only when required.

Only Faculty and Staff accounts are able to use Make Me Admin. Students who are using a managed Windows computer for a specific department should either contact their Supervisor for all instances where administrator credentials are required or call the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588 to have a request submitted.

Make Me Admin privilege elevation does not work with Dell Support Assist. If you need a driver update performed or have questions regarding this, please contact the HelpDesk to submit a request for a CIT Professional to schedule an appointment with you. 

Using Make Me Admin

  1. Go to your Start Menu, search for Make Me Admin and open the application

  2. On the Make Me Admin window, choose Grant Me Administrator Rights

  3. You will be prompted to enter the password for the account you are requesting elevation

    1. This will be the Geneseo account you are logged into the computer with and the corresponding Geneseo password

  4. Once you have provided your Geneseo password and choose OK, you will receive a notification that your elevation request was successful

  5. After 30 minutes or upon logout, your admin rights will be revoked. If admin rights are needed again, please follow the process to request rights again.

For the best experience with Make Me Admin, it is recommended that you pin the application to your Taskbar. Doing this will give you the quickest access to the application and will not require you to search for it in the Start Menu/application list. 

After elevation is complete, when attempting to perform actions that require administrator access, you will be prompted for an administrator username and password per security policies. Your standard Geneseo username and password will work for these prompts as long as you are elevated using Make Me Admin.

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