Configuration Baselines

A Configuration Baseline in Configuration Manager is a collection of one or more conditional checks called Configuration Items. Each of these configuration items are evaluated upon a defined schedule for the purpose of reporting on compliance and for auditing purposes.

Before You Start

For Configuration Manager Configuration Baselines to function, the device must be on the SUNY Geneseo network, or connected via a Virtual Private Network (VPN)


  1. Open the Control Panel

  2. Select Configuration Manager

  3. Click on the Configurations tab

    1. Configuration tab panel
      Configuration tab panel
  4. Select the Configuration Baseline that corresponds to your application or function

  5. Click Evaluate

  6. Scroll over to see if Compliance State changed to Compliant


Some Configuration Baselines are dependant on the application you have installed and will not evaluate to Compliant unless the required application is installed first. Click on View Report for more details. 

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