Embedding a Google Calendar on a Drupal Page

There are two basic steps to embedding a calendar from Google on to a Drupal page:

Obtain the Google Calendar's Source Code

  1. Open up your Google Calendar. On the left side of the window under where it says "My calendars", click on the three vertical dots to the right of the calendar you wish to embed.

  2. Click on "Settings and sharing".

  3. Scroll to the “Integrate Calendar” section and copy the source code from the "Embed code" box.

Add the Source Code to your Drupal page

  1. Go the page you wish to add the calendar to and click “Edit”. You must be signed into the website and have completed the Web Accessibility Training to edit a Drupal Page.

  2. In the Body field, add some "place holder text" into the spot where you want to add the calendar.

  3. Click on the Source button in the Drupal page editor.

  4. Find the spot within the HTML of the page where you added you "place holder text". Replace that text with the code copied by Google Calendar.

  5. Save your page.

  6. Contact CIT if you need any help with placement of your calendar or formatting on your page.