Google Workspace and other Google services available to

This document identifies Google Workspace and Google services available through the Geneseo Google Domain.

Google Workspace

  • Calendar

  • Drive and Docs

  • Gmail

  • Google Chrome Sync

  • Google Hangouts

  • Google Vault

  • Groups for Business

  • Keep

  • Sites

  • Tasks

Services below are:

  • Not covered by the Google Workspace Customer Agreement, including the technical support service guidelines.

  • For other Google support resources, please visit

  • Subject to the product specific terms of service.

Other Google Services

  • Blogger

  • FeedBurner

  • Google Alerts

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Earth

  • Google Groups

  • Google Maps

  • Google Play

  • Google Takeout

  • Search and Assistant

  • YouTube

Disabled Google Services

  • Google Photos

    • Users with at least 1 photo stored in Google Photos as of September 1, 2023 may still access this service, but we strongly discourage its use.

    • Why is this disabled? We no longer have unlimited Google storage, and Google Photos data is often lost or forgotten during account deprovisioning. In early 2023, Google began enforcing storage limits on all Workspace for Education users, taking Geneseo’s Google storage pool from “unlimited” to “about 100 TB”, of which Google Photos consumes about 10 TB. To fit within our Google storage quota, we need to prevent new users from starting to use Google Photos.

  • Google Pay

    • Why is this disabled? When someone leaves Geneseo, they lose their Geneseo Google account. We do not want anyone to lose access to something they purchased through Google Pay when that happens.