Directed Study Form FAQ

Request Approval Procedure

This document has information about the Directed Study Form app.

Department Level Approval

  • If the course subject is AMST, BLKS, ENVR, HONR, or WMST, then the Area Coordinator approves the request.

  • Otherwise the Department Chair approves the request.  The course's department is set on SCACRSE.

Dean's Office Approval

  • Melanie Blood approves the request.

Data Entry

  • Undergraduate: Registrar's Office enters the request into Banner.

  • Graduate: Registrar's Office enters the request into Banner.

Deleting a Directed Study Request

  • Knightweb > Directed Study > Submitted Requests > Select Student > Scroll Down > Click delete button > Enter reason for deletion > Submit

If the Directed Study is in the "Approved, Awaiting Registration" status, please email inbox to request deletion (please include reason for deletion).

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