Set Expected Graduation Date

Students may update KnightWeb to indicate when they intend to graduate. This date is used to make sure that students receive communications and resources.


  1. In your web browser, go to MyGeneseo.

  2. Click on the KnightWeb link.

    KnightWeb icon link
  3. Click on the "Student" menu item.

    Options for Personal Information, Student (circled), Financial Aid, and Surveys
  4. Click on the "Student Records" submenu.

    Options for Registration, Student Records (circled), Transfer Articulation, Student Code of Conduct, Undergraduate Bulletin
  5. Click on the "Update Expected Graduation Date" menu item.

    Student Records option expanded, showing numerous bullets including Update Expected Graduation Date, circled
  6. Specify the term in which you intend to graduate.  Then click the "Done" button.

    drop down menu to change expected semester of graduation


  • It may take a few days for other campus systems (mailing lists, etc) to begin recognizing your updated Expected Graduation Date.