MATLAB Installation Guide

This software requires a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to our Campus to function if running the software while off campus.

Matlab is a very large download and install. We recommend installing this software while connected to high-speed internet. 

Steps for macOS

Supported macOS versions for Matlab R2023a are macOS Ventura (13) and macOS Monterey (12). If you are running older macOS versions, you will need to update your macOS in order to install Matlab R2023a on your computer. If you do not wish to update your macOS version, you can use Matlab in the Geneseo Virtual lab or any of our on campus public lab machines.

  1. Download the file from

  2. Once the file finishes downloading, navigate to your downloads folder and double-click to extract its contents

  3. When the file finishes extracting, open the MATLAB_R2023b_macOS folder, then double-click Geneseo_Install.command

    1. You must run Geneseo_Install.command from a user account with administrative privileges

    2. After double-click, a Terminal window will open to execute the command

  4. The installation has completed once you see “[Process completed]” in your Terminal window; you can now quit Terminal

  5. MATLAB_R2023b can now be launched from your Applications folder

Steps for Windows

  1. Download the file from

  2. Once the file finishes downloading, navigate to your downloads folder, right-click on the MATLAB_R2023a_Win file, and select Extract All

  3. Make sure the box for "Show extracted files when complete" is checked, then click Extract

  4. When the file finishes extracting and the extracted folder opens, double-click “Setup

  5. If you are prompted with "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" click Yes

  6. In the MathWorks Product Installer window, click the button that says "Advanced Options," then select I have a File Installation Key from the list

  7. Read the license terms, then select the option for Yes, then click Next

  8. Enter in the following File Installation Key: 46901-53155-10434-15837-41644-22984

  9. Click Next, then on the Select License File screen, click the Browse button

  10. In the window that opens, navigate to your downloads folder and into the MATLAB_R2023a_Win folder, select the file named network.lic, then click Open

  11. Click Next

  12. Click “Next” to accept the default destination folder

  13. On the Select Products screen, ensure all the boxes are checked, then click Next

  14. On the Select options screen, click Next

  15. On the Confirm selections screen, click Begin Install

  16. On the Installation Complete screen, click Close

  17. Matlab R2023a is now installed


  1. Matlab will only be able to connect the license server if you have a working campus internet connection. If you are located off-campus, you must establish a VPN connection in order for Matlab to launch

  2. Matlab is not available on the Chromebook platform, if you need access from one of those devices please try using the Geneseo Virtual Computer Lab

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