Authenticator Web Browser Extension

This guide will walk you through installing and configuring the Authenticator web browser extension as an MFA method for your Geneseo Microsoft 365 account. 

Install Authenticator Extension

Google Chrome

  1. Visit to install "Authenticator".
  2. Click "Add to Chrome", then you will see a pop-up. Click "Add Extension".
  3. After the extension installation is complete, go to the upper right corner of your browser, click on the Extension button (puzzle piece icon) and then click on the pushpin icon next to "Authenticator" to add the extension to your browser menu.
  4. NOTE: If you get a window that pops up that says "Chrome Issues", please ignore this and close that tab.
  5. Proceed to Configure Authenticator Extension.


  1. Visit to install "Authenticator". 
  2. Click "Add to Firefox" and you should see a pop-up. Click "Add Extension".
  3. After the extension installation is complete, you should see the icon in the upper right corner of your Firefox window, right next to the menu icon.
  4. Proceed to Configure Authenticator Extension.

Configure Authenticator Extension

  1. Go to Microsoft's My Security Info
  2. Click "Add Method". Select "Authenticator app" and then click "Add".

  3. From the window that appears, choose the highlighted link to choose a different authenticator app-
  4. Click "I want to use a different authenticator app". Then click "Next".

    This does not require you to scan the QR code with your phone. You will use the extension you just installed to scan it. Please follow the instructions below on how to scan the QR code. 

  5. Click Next.

  6. When you get to the screen that displays the QR code, you will need to click on the Authenticator button that was added to your web browser menu in the first set of instructions at the top (#3 for both Firefox and Chrome). 

  7. Click on the 'Scan' button, which is the square with a horizontal line through it.

  8. Drag your cursor from the top left corner of the QR code across the entire QR code to the bottom right corner. Once the scan is complete, you will see the box below that says the method has been added.
    Click "OK". Then click "Next".
    You will then be asked to confirm the 6-digit code that your Authenticator extension generates. Follow the steps below to get the code. 

  9. If you would like this to be your default MFA method, click Change to the right of Default sign-in method on your Security Info page and select Authenticator app or hardware token - code. With this method you may enter a 6-digit code from any such method you have registered to your Microsoft 365 account, such as the Authenticator browser extension, the Microsoft Authenticator app, or other third-party apps like Authy.

Use Authenticator Extension

  1. If you are asked to perform MFA via a method other than code (Microsoft Authenticator push notification, SMS, phone call) and wish to sign in with a 6-digit code, look for a blue link that says something to the effect of "let me try a different method", and select Use a verification code from my mobile app.
  2. Whenever you're asked for a verification code, click on the Authenticator extension button at the top right corner of the browser to view the code. 

  3. Either click the code to copy it to the clipboard and paste it in, or type the code in to the correct field and click Verify.


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