Geneseo Account Help Signing in

Are you having difficulty signing into a service using your Geneseo account? If so, read on.

What is my Geneseo Account?

All Geneseo students (degree-seeking or non-matriculated) and Geneseo employees are provided with an account used to access various services (e.g. email, campus wireless network, campus computers,, learning management systems, student information systems, etc.). Students receive communications from the college to setup their account, following the account setup process will provide the student with their Geneseo email address and instructions for initially signing in and setting a password.  Employees will receive their account information and instructions from their hiring department.

If your Geneseo email address is , then your username is smith

Has Your Password Expired?

Geneseo accounts that have not enrolled in MFA will have their password expire every 180 days. Once you reach the password expiration, the next time you login to a Geneseo service you may receive an error message indicating that your password has expired and you must change it in order to proceed, however some services will simply fail when you attempt to login. 


    1. Visit to change your password once it has expired

  2. EMPLOYEES (e.g. faculty/staff) with domain-bound Windows and Apple computers

    1. It is recommended you use the operating system's password changing option to change your password

    2. See Changing your Geneseo Password from a College Provided Computer for more information

  3. For more information visit Changing Your Geneseo Password 

Being Prompted for "More information required" When Logging In?

Sign Up for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

This issue occurs if you have not yet signed up for SSPR with your Geneseo account. In order to properly authenticate with your Geneseo to access services or use features such as password reset, you should sign up for SSPR by going to the following link: You can find more details by visiting Self Service Password Reset Configuration or viewing documentation from Microsoft about this feature. 

Receiving a CAS Error When Trying to Log In? 

  1. Sign out of CAS for all Geneseo services by visiting:

  2. Clear Cache and Cookies in your Web Browser

  3. Close and reopen your web browser.

  4. Try signing in again to the service you want to use.

Still Unable to Sign In to Your Account?

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