FAX Service


XMediusFax provides Toshiba, email and browser-based interfaces for faxing and displaying the status of sent, received and queued faxes. It provide modern fax features to campus offices, such as sending a fax through email and via a web interface and having granular control over where incoming faxes land. This service does not rely on traditional analog telephone lines and eliminates the ongoing challenges we have had on our campus with bad telephone lines in the ground between buildings!

Sending a Fax

  • Faxes can be sent from fax-enabled Toshiba printers. Only about half of the Toshiba printers on the Geneseo campus are fax-enabled, this is because this option is a paid-add-on.

    • Authenticate at the printer with your card or fob

    • Press More Device Functions

    • Select the XMedius app in the printer control console (If you can't find the app, you're not on a fax-enabled device.)

    • Enter the destination phone number of your fax and place your fax in the paper tray

    • The destination fax number must adhere to Geneseo telephone dialing rules. 

      • 4 digits for on campus - for example - 5579

      • 8 digits for local off campus (9 + 7 digits) - for example - 92455579

      • 12 digits for long distance (9 + 1 + 10 digits) - for example - 915852455579

    • Press Scan and in the next screen press Send

    • Press Exit to leave the XMediusFax app.

  • Faxes can be sent by sending email messages to ####@fax.geneseo.edu

    • The fax number must adhere to Geneseo campus telephone dialing rules. The number you use must follow the format you would use to call that number from a campus telephone.

    • The source number of the fax message will be derived from the username who sent the fax.

    • If the username isn't a Geneseo username, the message will be rejected.

Receiving a Fax

  • The system will deliver incoming fax transmissions according to a customized set of inbound routing rules. 

  • Possible destinations include printers, server folders, email inboxes, and the web interface.

    • printer destinations are not permitted except in rare cases because of the SUNY print policy, implemented summer 2023 at Geneseo.

    • email inbox is not recommended because of the potential sensitive nature of many incoming fax transmissions.

  • Inbound rules are tied to incoming fax numbers and can be changed easily based on the needs of the department.

  • These rules are configured in the XM Fax application by the Networking team, they are not user-configurable.

  • The default delivery location for an incoming fax is the FAX-INCOMING folder inside the \\files\departmental space, for example: \\files\deparmental\cit\FAX-INCOMING

  • Notification email messages of an incoming fax transmission can be set up to the department's liking. 

XM Fax Web Interface

  • Log into the web interface with Geneseo email ID: https://xmediusfax.geneseo.edu

    • Use Windows credentials, username only, no geneseo\ prefix or @w2k.geneseo.edu suffix.

  • The web interface provides a history of sent and received fax transmissions

  • To send a fax, press the blue Compose Fax button.

  • Name is the recipient name, fax is the recipient fax number. Every other option is self-explanatory.

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