Voicemail How to Customize

You can customize your voicemail settings by using the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (PCA) web interface.
As of June 2022, a VPN connection is needed to access your http://myvoicemail.geneseo.edu my from campus through the web portal


  1. Open the web page myvoicemail.geneseo.edu

  2. You should see a page like:

     opening software center panel
    opening software center panel
  3.  You can log in using your Geneseo user name and password. Once you log in, you should see a page with three options.

    Cisco Personal Communication Assistant
    Cisco Personal Communication Assistant
  4. Click on the Cisco Unity Assistant and you should see something like:

  5. The grey menu bar provides the options you can customize:

    1. Preferences: Control information about you and how you interact with the system

      1. Menu options include: Personal, Phone Menu, Message Playback, and Transfer & Screening

    2. Passwords:  Allows you to change your numeric phone password (PIN - Mailbox security code)

      1. Menu Options include: Change Phone Password (External Service Accounts are not currently available)

    3. Greetings: Record and enable up to four personal greetings (Note: Do NOT use Holiday and Closed greetings, as they are not programmed and will not play properly)

      1. Standard Greeting: Plays 24/7 unless an Alternate, Busy, and/or Internal greetings are enabled

      2. Alternate Greeting: Enable to play during a specific time period (e.g. vacation)

      3. Busy Greeting: Enable to play when you are on your phone

      4. Internal Greeting: When enabled, only on campus callers will hear this greeting when your phone is not answered

    4. Notification Devices:  Allows message notifications via email, in the form of a text or by out dialing to an external phone (Note: Out dialing is restricted and by request only)

      1. Email: Enabled by default to send a notification to your Geneseo email address when you have a voicemail message on your phone. It Includes a link to the PCA Inbox, caller information, and message count (Note: if you are setting up a separate email inbox for your voicemail message, you will want to disable this notification device)

      2. Text Message to Cell Phone: Enable this device to send a notification to your cell phone, which includes caller information and message count (Note: You can include a link to the PCA if you are using a mobile device).  Enter your 10 digit cell phone number in the email format in the "To" field, see common cell providers listed below:


Email Format


    1. Contacts: Store names and numbers for people not in our campus directory

      1. Menu options include: View Contacts, New Contacts, and Import Contact

    2. Private Lists: Use private lists to create your own groups of voice message recipients. When a message is addressed to one of your private lists, all members of that list receive the message (Note: Messages can only be sent by phone or PCA Unity Inbox and not by email)

    3. Help: Provides step by step instructions for every feature in each of the above tab and menu options (e.g. Preferences, Passwords, Greetings, Notification Devices, Contacts, and Private Lists)

      1. Menu Options Include: Contents, Index, This page, and About Cisco Unity Connection

Changing your voicemail PIN

To change your voicemail PIN, select the "Password" menu. It will present a page like below that allows you to change your PIN.

Alternate Greetings

You can create a set of alternate greetings by selecting the "Greetings" menu. Click on the alternate greeting to listen or change it.

Enabling notifications

You can enable different types of notifications by selecting the "Notifications" menu.

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