Pearson MyLab or Mastering Integrating with Brighspace

Pearson MyLab and Mastering can integrate with your Brightspace course. Integrating these tools will enable your students to complete the Pearson assignments from the Brightspace course as well as allow instructors to pull grades from Pearson into Brightspace. Faculty can choose the depth of integration to include content, learning activities, and/or grades.

Note if you are using a Coordinator course within Pearson, you must enable the Access Pearson integration with Brightspace. Otherwise, when using Pearson’s Coordinator course with corresponding sections, you will not be able to integrate MyLab & Mastering with Canvas.

Tips for Students

Some details for helping people get the Pearson integration working in Brightspace:

  • Pearson software will not work in Safari and it seems to be working best in Chrome or Firefox.

  • Users must allow pop-up windows in order to use the Pearson software through Brightspace. 

    • When someone clicks on "MyLab & Mastering" in the Brightspace course navigation menu with pop-ups blocked, an icon and brief notice will appear in the address bar; click that icon/notice to allow pop-up windows.

  • Learners must go through Brightspace . If they go through Pearson directly they will be asked for a Course ID, which is not necessary. If they go through Brightspace they should be able to get in with their Access Code.

Getting Support from Pearson

Faculty that have questions about using their Mastering or MyLab content, "how to" questions and creating/copying courses, grade sync questions along with other questions relating to Pearson Mastering or MyLab should contact their Pearson Customer Success Representative or Pearson Learning Technology Specialist. If you are not sure of their contact information, please email 

Students can contact Pearson: Get Support (to chat online with a live agent 24/7) or call student phone support at 1-800-677-6337 and PRESS 2 (using Canvas with Mastering). All students should state that they are using Mastering or a MyLab with Canvas.

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