Microsoft Teams at Geneseo

Microsoft Teams is a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and even the occasional emoji! All in one secure place accessible to everyone you choose to collaborate with. Connect with anyone on campus - all Geneseo users are licensed for Teams, making it easier to add people to a team or search, call, and chat.

Installing the Teams Application

Faculty and staff may already find the application on their college-owned device; if it is not, you can install Teams by launching Software Center on your Windows machine or CIT Self Service on your Mac, then searching for Teams and clicking install. Download Teams on your personally-owned device by visiting the Microsoft website. If you open a Teams meeting via a web browser, you will enter the meeting as a Guest. Open your Teams app! You can also get the Android or iPhone and iPad iOS apps.

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Creating a Team for your Department

All Geneseo faculty, staff, and students are able to create a new team for your department or group. Here are some suggestions as you create your team:

  1. Review this Microsoft document for how to create a team from scratch. Note that all Geneseo teams have the word "Team" added to team names.

  2. If your group is private, invite people to your team. You can also invite non-Geneseo email addresses (they will get an email invitation). If you anticipate a large membership, you can share a join code via email to encourage people to join your team.

  3. Identify additional owners of the team to share administrative duties. Owners will also receive notices about the team, such as expiration and deletion warnings should the team become inactive.

  4. Create some channels. We recommend starting with a few, such as General, Water-Cooler, Functional Groups, project teams.

  5. Set up your notifications. Microsoft has a good guide on all the notifications settings. It's also a good idea to talk with your team about what the expectations are around teams notifications.

Teams at Geneseo

CIT has created a few public teams that you are welcome to join.

Scheduling Teams meetings on behalf of others (Google Calendar)

The ability to manage calendar invitations in Google can be established by setting up a delegate relationship. This Google guide should be followed to delegate the ability to Make Changes to Events. As a delegate, follow these steps to ensure the Teams Meeting is owned by the meeting organizer:

  1. Create the Google meeting

  2. Select the meeting options - do not create the video conferencing option until your other options are set

  3. Change the calendar to the meeting owner (name next to calendar icon)

  4. Invite guests

  5. Add the Teams video conferencing option by clicking on the blue arrow to the right of "Add Google Meet video conferencing"

  6. Once the Teams meeting is created, Save the new calendar event.

It is easy for people to chat or call you in teams. Calls can be audio only or audio and video. Simply replace the username of these URLs with your username:

Setting your pronouns in Teams

As of April 2023, this feature is part of the Teams Public Preview. To enable access to new features in your Teams app, visit this website. Public Preview must be enabled before following these directions to enable Pronouns on your Profile.


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