Claiming your Geneseo Account and Troubleshooting


Before You Start

Make sure you have your claim code and your username. It is a 12 digit code that looks like R4T7-UY8P-HF52. If you do not have a claim code or do not know your claim code use the I do not have a claim code link.

  • Students receive an email from with a username and claim code in their application email.

  • Faculty & Staff should receive a claim code and username from their hiring department head, secretary, or supervisor. (Geneseo users can see a list of account managers that receive these notifications).


  1. Go to

  2. Click on the button titled: Claim An Account

  3. Enter your username and claim code.

  4. Read and agree to the Geneseo Acceptable Use Policy.

  5. Students only - Read and agree to the student code of conduct

  6. Set your password. Passwords should follow all the guidelines shown. If you receive an error, try using a less common word in your password and verify it meets all requirements.

  7. Your account is now active and can be used to access Geneseo services. Be sure that you setup methods for Self Service Password Reset. Employees and Students are also required to setup Multi-factor Authentication methods.

Students - missing your account claim email? 

Try searching your email inbox for emails from "" or an email with the subject "Geneseo Network Account".

You should check the email account that was used to apply to the college, this may be your high school or school district email account or a free personal email account such as Outlook or Gmail. 


If you see any of the below errors, follow the guidance shown.

We could not verify your session. Please try again.

Try submitting the current screen again.

The username and/or claim code provided is invalid.

Verify that both the username and code you are submitting are correct.

This account has already been claimed.

Verify you are entering the correct information.

Verify that a parent or guardian hasn’t assisted you by going through the claim process on your behalf. If they have not, please contact the HelpDesk.

The claim code for this account has expired. Click here to generate a new claim code.

Click the link to have a new code generated. Students will receive the code at their application email. For faculty & staff, a new claim code will be sent to the account managers for their department and their supervisor.

Your username is set to 'undefined'.

Please contact the HelpDesk to have a ticket submitted.

Problems with signing in after changing your password?

Sometimes waiting several minutes can allow the password change to synchronize and then be used to log in. 
Also make sure users are going to and not doing a search for my.geneseo and then clicking on the Login Link from that search as it not the correct login page.

No longer have access to your applicant email that the claim code is being sent to.

Account claim information emails are sent to the applicant email, or the email you applied to Geneseo with. If you no longer have access to this email, please contact the HelpDesk to have a ticket submitted.

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