Faculty/Staff Account Provisioning Process

Understanding Faculty/Staff Accounts and Digital Resources

It is critical for new faculty & staff members to have an account with access to various online digital resources prior to the start of their courses. Some of those resources include:

  • Email – communicating with peers and students.

  • Knightweb – class rosters, communicating with students, submitting grades.

  • Brightspace – Online tool used to aid and support classroom instruction. Course materials (syllabus, assignments, online exams, gradebook, class “chatroom” for communication with instructor or peers).

  • myGeneseo – Links to many resources (including “single sign-on”).

  • Network file and print resources – Printing, accessing departmental file resources, backing up personal computer.

  • Many others including: campus wiki (collaborative work), online book catalog (entering course book lists), etc.

Geneseo’s Process for Acquiring Digital Resources for Faculty/Staff

What needs to be done before CIT can create an employee account?

  1. HR sends the Applicant Release for Background Check form via AdobeSign to the personal email the applicant used to apply.

  2. Once HR receives the completed form they will enter the applicant's information into the SUNY HR system.

  3. Accounts are automatically created 1 business day after employee is added to the HR system. This provides myGeneseo and Email access.

    1. We receive updates from SUNY HR nightly. (Sometimes it takes 2 days for the employee to show up in our feed depending on how late in the day things are entered).

  4. The employee's account claim information will be sent to their application email. Account Managers for the department the employee is in will receive notice that the account has been created.

  5. The hiring academic department notifies the Registrar’s office with the new faculty member’s teaching assignments.

    1. The Registrar’s office enters the employee as a faculty member in Banner. This provides immediate KnightWeb access.

    2. The Registrar’s Office assigns courses. This provides Brightspace and DegreeWorks access.

  6. If your employee is not hired through Human Resources you should fill out the new account request form.

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