Drive Files (\\files) to OneDrive on MacOS Move

This article will help you move your Drive files to your OneDrive.

Before You Start


  1. Ensure your device is connected to your \\files and it has OneDrive installed

    1. Here are the steps to connect/map to your \\files on MacOS

    2. Here are the steps to sign in to OneDrive OneDrive on MacOS

  2. Open both windows of your \\files and OneDrive in Finder, if you are having trouble finding these folders, follow these steps:

    1. Open Finder from your taskbar and under Locations click on your device name with the laptop icon beside it.

    2. Click on the drive with your SUNY Geneseo username labeled underneath it - this is your mapped \\files.

    3. Now, to open up a new window with your OneDrive folder, use the Spotlight Search function on your Mac and type in OneDrive.

    4. Open the OneDrive - SUNY Geneseo folder and not the application with the cloud logo, which is usually the first result.

    5. You should now see all of your OneDrive files in a new window.

  3. Now, you should have two Finder windows open, one with your \\files opened and one with your OneDrive opened. With these two windows open side-by-side, highlight the files/folders in your \\files window you would like moved over to OneDrive either by:

    1. Clicking and dragging your mouse over the folders or...

    2. Holding <shift key> and clicking on each folder
      **If you have large \\files, copy files/folders in batches by using <command key> and clicking on each folder you want.

  4. .Right-click on your selections to bring up the options you can do, select "Copy <#> items" or... Holding <command key> and <C key> at the same time to copy the folders.

  5. In your OneDrive window, (the window with OneDrive - SUNY Geneseo at the top), paste these items into the window either by.

  6. Clicking in the window and holding <command key> and <V key> at the same time or…

  7. Right-clicking in the window and selecting Paste <#> items. 

  8. You should see a loading bar that displays how long it will take to transfer the files over. Once complete, you should see your files listed in your OneDrive - SUNY Geneseo window.

  9. You can use this method to copy over other files you have saved on your device to OneDrive.

  10. To avoid the confusion of having duplicate copies of files, it is recommended to delete the files from your \\files once you have confirmed that your files are on OneDrive.

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