Google Drive to OneDrive Move

This article will help you move your Google Drive files to your OneDrive.

Before You Start


  • Go to your Geneseo Google Drive at .

  • Select all the documents in the Drive you'd like to move to SharePoint, right-click on the files, and choose "Download" in the dropdown menu.

  • Navigate to the area of your OneDrive where you would like to save the files/folders too.

  • Open the File Explorer app. You can search for the app to find it; tap the folder icon if you have the shortcut on your taskbar; or you can locate the File Explorer app in the "Windows System" folder.

  • Locate the file you want to send to OneDrive.


  • You're all set. Just note that dragging and dropping the file to OneDrive will move the file from your PC onto OneDrive and not make a copy.

  • If you want to be sure you always have local access to a certain file on your PC — for instance, in situations when you don't have Wi-Fi, like on a plane — you can right-click on the file in OneDrive and select "Always keep on this device."


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