Microsoft Teams Meeting Scheduling with Co-Organizer.

A guide for if you are scheduling a Microsoft Teams meeting on behalf of someone else and would like them to be a Co-Organizer and Breakout Room Manager. 


  1. Open Teams and Click on the Calendar Icon on the left and then click the time and date location in the calendar where you would like to schedule a meeting.  

  2. Type in the person who you would like to be a Co-Organizer of this meeting and hit Save

  3. Click on the meeting that you just created then click Edit

  4. Click Meeting Options and a web page will open up in your browser. 

  5. Choose the Co-Organizer from the drop-down menu and then click Save.

  6. Go back to the meeting that you were editing and click on the Breakout Rooms option. 

  7. Click on the settings Gear button and choose your Co-Organizer from the dropdown list to give them the permission to manage Breakout Rooms. Close the settings window. 



  1. Click on Details at the top and then click Copy Link.

  2. Open Google Calendar and Schedule a meeting on behalf of the Co-Organizer for the same time as the meeting created above. 

  3. Click More Options and paste the link to the Teams Meeting into the Meeting Notes section of the Google Calendar event. 

  4. Invite any additional guests that you would like to invite to the meeting and send the invitation. 

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