Printing F.A.Q. (Color Printing, Bypass Tray, Print Jobs that Won't Print)

This article has answers to frequently asked questions regarding printing. As questions come up they will be added here, but some of the questions we currently get are How to Print in Color, How to use the Bypass Tray, and My Print Job Never Printed After Bring Released, What Should I Do? This article has answers.

Before You Start

The Pharos Secure Printer software should automatically be installed on any campus-owned computer. The Pharos Secure Printer sends your print jobs into a Cloud queue, it saves your print jobs in that queue for 48 hours and then removes it once you select to release the job by visiting any printer on campus.

How to Print in Color?

To print in color you need to change the printing settings. Here’s how:


  • Expand the “More settings” option in Chrome's print dialog box and scroll all the way down to the “Print using system dialog…” option.

  • In the pop-out window that appears, choose the Pharos Secure Printer and then the “Preferences” button (on Windows OS computers) to view many of the options that can be changed from the default.

  • Once the settings are changed, you can easily use these settings again if you save these settings as a saved “Profile:”


  • The system dialog printing pop-up shows many options.

  • To print in color, select “Printer Options” and then look for the “Color Settings 1” section.

  • Change the Color Type from Mono to Color. Saving certain settings to use again can be done in the “Presets” section of the printer dialog box where you select “Save Current Settings as Preset.”

Microsoft Office (Windows)

  • The basic print dialog box will allow you to change the paper orientation and switch from Double-Sided to Single-sided printing (MacOS and Windows)

  • For Color printing or other advanced options, the “Printer Properties” option must be selected to access these settings (Windows).


How to Print a Document to the Bypass Tray?

To print from the bypass tray with Pharos use the following steps: 

  1. Select Bypass tray from the Print Settings option on your computer (if printing from a browser you will need to click on Preferences from the System Dialogue to bring up Print Settings) 

  2. Click Okay and click Print 

  3. Go to the printer and load your paper into the bypass tray. 

  4. Sign in to the printer and release your job. The printer will make noises but nothing will come out. 

  5. Touch More Device Functions on the printer screen 

  6. Touch the blinking yellow Exclamation (!) mark in the upper right corner. Now you will see your job listed in the queue. It will say Skipped

  7. Select your Skipped job, then press the Print button at the bottom of the window.  

  8. On the next screen make sure the Bypass Feed is highlighted blue in the picture 

  9. Press the Green Button on the physical panel underneath the yellow one and your job should print from the bypass tray. 

Note that you need to complete these steps before the job times out of the local print queue or else you will need to send it again. 


My Print Job Never Printed After Bring Released, What Should I Do?

If your jobs are not being printed successfully and your job disappeared, please check the printer supplies information by following the section below. Once the underlying issue has been resolved, you will need to resend your job to the Pharos Secure Printer.

Please follow these steps to check these:

  1. Tap your Geneseo ID card or Key Fob on the printer’s “ID Card” sticker or log in with your Passcode

  2. Press More Device Functions

  3. Press Job Status

  4. Press the Toner and Supply Tabs to confirm the printer has paper and toner.

If you can confirm the printer has paper and toner, but still cannot print, please reach out to the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588.

I printed a PDF and when I authenticate at a printer, the document doesn’t show up to be released

If you are having a hard time printing a PDF (most issues occur on Apple computers) where the print job is not showing up when you authenticate at any printer, please try the following steps:

  1. When printing the document, select "Microsoft Print to PDF" as the printer for Windows or select "PDF" in the bottom menu for Mac and save the file

  2. Open the file you saved from step 1, in which the process "flattens" the PDF and makes it easier for Pharos Web Print to read

  3. Printing this new file should now work

  4. You may also be able to use Microsoft Word to open a PDF. A copy of the PDF will be converted into a Word document and then it can be printed.

If the newly saved file, when printed is still is not listed when you authenticate at the printer, please reach out to the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588

If you do have multiple large jobs, it may be better to release them individually. If there is an issue (like a paper jam or the printer runs out of paper or toner) on the first job causing the printer to error out, all the other jobs will also be canceled, forcing you to reprint the jobs from your computer.

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