Managing the Address Book on a Toshiba MFD

How to add and remove users from the Address Book on a Toshiba MFD

Before You Start

  • Approach the Toshiba MFD you wish to modify

  • Have your ID Card, fob or username/password handy to login to the device


Login to the device

  1. Hold your ID Card or fob near the proximity ID Card reader or enter your Pharos passcode on the display to proceed. 

  2. Once authenticated to Pharos, choose More Functions

  3. On the home screen, select the User Functions button on the copier key pad. 

  4. On the User Functions menu select Address.

  5. Please follow one or both of the sections below to make changes.

To add a user to the Address Book

  1. On the Address Book screen, select an empty numbered box or use the down arrow to scroll to an empty numbered box. 

  2. Select the empty box. It will highlight in blue when selected.

  3. Once selected, the Entry button on the lower portion of the screen will light up.

  4. Select the Entry button.  

  5. On the Address Book Registration screen you will need to enter in First Name, Last Name and an email address.

  6. Please select each option individually and enter in the appropriate information selecting the OK option when complete. 

  7. Once you have entered data into all three fields, select OK on the Address Book Registration menu. 

  8. At this point you can either select another blank entry space and enter in a second user or click Close.

  9. Click Close on the User Functions Screen.

  10. To test the address book entry, you can now go to the Scan option and proceed as normal.

To remove a user from the Address Book

  1. On the Address Book screen, scroll and find your user.

  2. Select the user so the name is highlighted in blue.

  3. At the bottom of the Address Book menu, select the Delete button.

  4. When prompted, select the Yes option. 

  5. The user is now deleted.


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