Properly Filling a Toshiba Printer with Paper

Printing is something that almost everyone on campus will do at some point. We have many Toshiba multi-function devices across campus to accommodate this need. The copiers are well stocked with paper, but will inevitably run out. That's when you: department secretary, faculty member, CIT technician, or maybe even student, will have to refill the paper. This article goes over how to properly do so to ensure the copier works as intended.


  1. Retrieve the proper number of reams of paper to restock the printer to full or close to full.
  2. Carefully open reams in order not to damage the paper within.

    The top piece of paper may end up stuck to the paper wrapping. This is fine, just be sure not to damage the rest of the stack and recycle the stuck sheet with the wrapping.

  3. Open the drawer that needs paper.
  4. Follow the step below that corresponds to the drawer you are filling.
    1. For the top drawer, slide the paper in from the front so that it does not hit the tab at the top of the back wall. The video below demonstrates this:
    2. For the middle drawer, this can change depending on whether the drawer is oriented for LT or LT-R. This will be stated on the outside of the drawer. For LT, refer to step a above. For LT-R, again slide the paper in the front, but it needs to be oriented horizontally rather than vertically. The video below shows how to do this:
    3. For the bottom drawer, there are actually two trays to fill. Slide the paper into either drawer from the side. Push against the side of the stack to ensure the paper is pressed up against the side of the tray on each side. The videos below demonstrate for each drawer:

      The Tray Tab

      On one of the two trays there is a black, plastic, movable tab. Ensure that this is not being pushed back by the paper stack and that it is pulled forward as far as it will go. This will ensure that the printer properly recognizes that there is paper in the tray the tab is attached to.

      It is easier to start by filling the right tray first as this one can be pushed back without closing the whole drawer. This makes it easier to then fill the left tray as there is nothing obstructing your path.

    4. On the larger copiers, there is one additional drawer attached to the side. This large drawer is easy to fill, as you just lower the paper in from the top. The video below provides an example:

      Do not drop the paper from a height. In addition to potentially causing a mess, this could damage the drawer or cause the paper to land improperly in the drawer. If this happens, the copier will not be able to pull paper from the drawer properly, resulting in errors.

  5. Repeat from step 2 for the next ream until you are out of reams or the copier has been completely refilled.
  6. Return any extra paper/reams to where you got it from. Please ensure you clean up any wrapping or damaged paper from around the copier to maintain a professional look.

Checking Paper Levels

After filling the copier with paper, you may want to check to see that the copier is correctly registering that paper has been added. There are a few different ways to achieve this task. 

Method A

  1. From the login screen click the Note: This icon may also be yellow and flashing.
  2. Then select the Supply tab.
  3. The paper levels should look like this picture:
  4. If they do not, make sure the drawers are fully closed or make sure the paper is properly stacked.



Do not stack paper into the tray above the black line on the yellow label that reads "MAX." Doing so will result in paper jams or the printer not reading the amount of paper in the tray correctly. Remove any excess paper until you are at the line and transfer to another less full tray or take the extra paper with you and store it for next time.

The yellow label with the MAX fill line.

Closing the Drawers

After filling a drawer and closing it, check to make sure the drawer is fully shut. You should also check the copier screen to ensure that it is not reporting any errors, such as a drawer being open. You can also check the supply menu to ensure that the copier sees the paper by pressing the (info) at the top of the log in screen or main menu, then navigating to the Supply tab and checking the drawer(s) you filled.

It's beneficial to ensure the paper is snug in its tray with no extreme protrusions from the stack on the sides. Push on the side of the stack to get all of the paper more or less to one side of the tray. This will reduce the chance of paper jams or other errors.

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