Sites Service - Reorder sites in the Important category

Shows the steps to take to reorder the sites in the Important category on the Sites service

In order to have sites show on your Dashboard, the Sites service must be added through the Dashboard Manager.


  1. While viewing your Dashboard page, locate the Sites service.

  2. Find a site under the Important category that you wish to move. Once found, hover over the site and click the information icon.

  3. In the popover, click the Move button in the lower part of the box.

  4. The Important category will change to gray boxes with the sites names in them.

  5. Click and drag the gray boxes to display the order you would like your Important sites in.

  6. Click the Save button at the top to keep the order of your sites.

  7. You will receive a green message box indicating you have successfully reordered the sites in your Important category.

    The Important category will return to the normal view with your sites in the order you placed them in.

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