myGeneseo Sites

Sites is a myGeneseo service that provides a searchable method to find links to other Geneseo websites

Sites has several features to help navigate and search for Geneseo websites. 

  • Categories - a "quick navigation method" to filter sites down to a specific category.

  • Search - searching for sites by keywords

  • Important category - You can mark your most frequently used sites as important to place them at the top of the page.

You can search and display any of the available sites.  The search function search against the title, description, and also "tags" that have been strategically placed on certain sites to help improve search results.

In the old version of sites you had to pin sites to get them to show up but now all sites are immediately available but they are grouped by various categories.


Every site is assigned a category.  Examples include: Academics, Campus Life, Courses and Instruction, etc.

  • If you click on a category, Sites will place focus on the sites within the given category.

  • You can use the arrows on the right side to collapse individual categories as needed.

  • Special Categories:

    • All opens and displays all sites in all categories.  This is a scrollable window.  If you see a down arrow at the bottom of the visible sites it indicates you can scroll down to see more sites.

    • Important displays sites you have marked as important.

    • Recently Viewed displays the top 10 most recently viewed sites.  This can be helpful when you are doing repetitive work  in a handful of sites.

Important Sites

Clicking on the "i" information icon on a site reveals the site description.  You can also mark the site as important by clicking on the start in the upper right corner.   You can also remove a site from the Important category by unchecking the star.

Guided Video Tour of Sites Features

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