Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is the SUNY wide e-signing platform. Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service that allows the user to send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using a browser. It is part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite of services.

Getting Started

Adobe sign access is by request only. You can Ask CIT to be granted the ability to generate documents for signature. Once you have access you can login to the platform.

  1. Visit our Adobe Sign instance

  2. Enter your Geneseo email address

  3. Select Company or School login

  4. Login as you do with other Geneseo services

When should I use Adobe Sign?

  • When/Why To Use Adobe Sign

    • Legal e-signatures are required

      • Legal Signatures and Adobe Sign: ​​

      • Layman’s explanation:  Legally binding e-signature includes an audit trail that cannot be modified (by IT or anyone else) that proves “who signed the document” and that the document has not been altered since a party signed it as well as data entry, etc

    • Building an approval workflow that can be maintained without IT

    • Sending a document securely via email (e.g. what if document contained SSN?).

  • When Not To Use Adobe Sign

    • Simple need to collect information or gain authorization from a individual Geneseo student or employee.

    • High Volume (Adobe Sign incurs a $0.98/transaction cost)

    • Data Integration Required to Optimize Work 

  • Alternatives to Adobe Sign: (when to think twice)

    • Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, or Custom Web Forms (built by CIT).  Microsoft and Google forms are easy to build and use as long as you don't require a multi-step approval workflow.

    • Task specific software: Some software packages have embedded form options for collecting information or automating processes. For example, you would not use Adobe Sign for processes currently offered in "PeopleAdmin".

    • Microsoft Approvals can be a good option for departments or teams using Microsoft Teams.

Contact CIT if you have any questions on whether Adobe Sign makes sense for you.

Adobe Sign Basic Resources

Adobe and SUNY have provides many resources for training. We have collected and highlighted some relevant items below.

Beyond The Basics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Adobe Sign Cost Money for my Department?

    • Cost to the College is about $0.98 per transaction.

    • Each transaction is any initiated form or process, regardless of completion.

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