Adobe Sign vs Docusign Comparison

This page provides a comparison for people moving from Docusign to Adobe Sign including a comparison of vocabulary between the two esignature products.

Adobe Sign vs Docusign Vocabulary Comparison

Adobe Sign





An agreement contains one or more documents to be signed.  The agreement is a single transaction within Adobe Sign

The agreement is identical in concept to a Docusign envelope.



PDFs, MS Word - this concept is the same for both. You can add signature fields and data entry fields and send for signature



In both cases templates are used to create reusable documents with signature and data fields that can be sent.

Adobe Sign does not allow templates to be the basis for a web form.


Collection of documents


Workflows allow you to create a customized signing workflow. 

They do not work with web forms. 

Only account and group admins can create workflows

Web Form


In both cases this provides a web addressable link to a document to be completed and signed.

DocuSign bases PowerForms on templates.  

Adobe Sign does not require a web form to start from a template.  It will allow you to start with a document from scratch and add the signature and data fields. You do have the ability to save the work as a template.

It is an Adobe Sign best practice to create individual templates for each document first (for better maintenance and reuse).

Web forms and PowerForms both allow the initial participant who launches the form to input the emails and names for the remaining participants.


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