SCCM Console Installation

How to install the MEMCM console. This guide is targeted primarily at campus IT Professionals that have been granted access rights within the console.

Before You Start

  1. Close all open applications

  2. If you have a previous version of the console installed, please uninstall it before proceeding

Installing the MEMCM Console

  1. Open the Run command or Windows Explorer and type "\\files\Projects\Software\PC\Microsoft SCCM Console and Tools"

  2. Navigate to the 2010 CB folder

  3. Open the ConsoleSetup folder

  4. Double click to run ConsoleSetup

  5. Click Next on the setup screen

  6. On the Site Server screen enter: then click Next

  7. On the Installation Folder screen click Next

  8. On the Ready to Install screen click Install

  9. Once the installation completes click Finish to open the console right away or Uncheck the box and click Finish

Updating the MEMCM Console

You may be prompted to update the console

Always update the console when prompted otherwise you risk data corruption.

  1. When prompted with an update to a newer version of the console click OK

  2. The console update will automatically download and install

  3. Once the installation completes click Finish to open the console right away or Uncheck the box and click Finish


If prompted with a console connection error, make sure you are running the console with your admin credentials.


  • Current version as of Jan 6, 2023 is 5.2207.1048.2600

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