Drive Files (\\files) to OneDrive Windows 10 Move

This article will help you move your Drive files to your OneDrive.

Before You Start


The following instructions should be done for your individual file folder \\files\username(if applicable) and the Departmental file folder.

  1. Ensure your OneDrive is accessible.image-20240424-144232.png

  2. In the System Tray, hover over the blue cloud icon  OneDrive to ensure that OneDrive is active and shows “OneDrive is up to date”.

  3. Access OneDrive and navigate to the destination folder for server files and folder migration.

  4. To access your Geneseo server space, enter the following into your Windows search bar: \\files\username = \\files\smith or \\files\Departmental\departmentname = \\files\Departmental\cit

    1. Click here if your search box is hidden.

  5. Select the files and/or folders you are moving and drag and drop them into the OneDrive location you selected.

  6. You can now delete the original files from your server space.

    1. Deleting the files from the original location after copying them to OneDrive does not affect their presence on OneDrive.

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