Watch for Email Scams


Originally published in Today at Geneseo on December 20, 2023

End of semester stress, plus holiday activities, give scammers a lot of material to work with. Phishing emails don't always look like strange links and unexpected attachments. Sometimes the scammers just want you to reply or call them. Here are some examples seen recently:


  1. The scammer impersonates your manager and emails asking for your cell number to text you about an urgent task.

  2. Someone with a vague association with the College is giving away valuable items and needs a shipping address.

  3. A receipt for an unexpected subscription or fee with only a "customer service" phone number for recourse.

  4. A Google Drive or OneDrive invite to view "evaluation results" or something similar but the sender is unfamiliar and/or the login screen differs from the usual Geneseo login.

Please help CIT prevent and detect phishing emails by reporting any suspicious emails.