Intermittent Printer Authentication Errors

Originally posted in Today @ Geneseo on November 22, 2023.

As reported to the campus last week, Geneseo users are experiencing intermittent authentication issues on campus printers. The symptoms of this issue are invalid credential warnings at the printer, web print errors, and Prox ID and passcode failures. The errors clear up on their own after a few minutes but occur at random intervals throughout the day.

Attempting to authenticate again in about five minutes usually is successful. Given the random nature of the problem, we recommend that you plan ahead for your printing needs to allow extra time. CIT escalated the problems to Pharos and their engineering team is working on this problem as a priority one issue. We are in communication with Pharos multiple times each day. Intermittent issues are difficult to troubleshoot and resolve, so we appreciate your patience.

If you are not able to print after several attempts at authentication, please contact the CIT HelpDesk. To track the issue and receive updates on the resolution, please click on the Subscribe to Updates button on the CIT status page.