Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the trusted standard for creating, editing, viewing, printing, and annotating PDFs.

Before You Start

Looking to turn an existing document into a PDF?

If all you need to do is create a PDF from an existing document, please see this article Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Creation

Looking to sign an existing PDF?

Adding a digital signature to a PDF does not require the full version of Adobe Acrobat, please see this article Signing Digital Documents

Have a short term need for Adobe Acrobat?

If you only need access to Adobe Acrobat for short term task or project, consider visiting one of our Public Computer Labs

Purchasing Adobe Acrobat

If you require the ability to create, manipulate and add advanced features to PDF documents, it may be more cost effective to purchase a single perpetual license for a specific version of Adobe Acrobat rather than an annual subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for Faculty and Staff. This single perpetual license will grant access to the full version of Adobe Acrobat, but does not provide an entitlement to future upgrades. The cost for this license is usually around $100. 


Requesting a Quote

  1. Send an email to requesting a quote, with the following information in the body of the email.

    1. Ask for "Adobe Acrobat Pro  - Perpetual License - 1 user - EDU - CLP"

    2. Note "CLP Education Membership Agreement number for SUNY Geneseo is CLP 440871814".

  2. When you receive the quote, proceed to the next step.

Creating a Purchase Order

  1. Once a quote is received from an SHI Representative, follow the normal process with Purchasing to have a P.O. created.

  2. Once the P.O. has been processed by SHI, proceed to the next section.

Software Purchased

  1. Once the software has been purchased, you will receive an email from Adobe with instructions.

    1. Submit a request for your TSP to assist with the software installation.

  2. CIT recommends that you keep a copy of the email with the purchase information. This will serve as your proof of purchase should the software need to be reinstalled in the future.


Use these helpful tutorials available from Adobe to learn more about how to use Acrobat.

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