Student AT&T Cellular Discount Program

All SUNY Geneseo students (on and off-campus) are eligible to receive the following:

  • 5% discount on monthly service access – including family plans*
  • 35% off phone equipment pricing for new activations
  • Special rates on phone equipment upgrades for existing customers
  • Discounts are available for both new and existing customers
  • Text Message Discounts of $2.00 off 200 message package and $5.00 off 1000 message package

Students will be required to provide their valid SUNY Geneseo identification card, the SUNY Geneseo school code (also referred to as FAN code) of 00107795 and their SUNY Geneseo email address when visiting a local AT&T retailer in their area. Students can also visit The AT&T Cellular Shop in Geneseo in the Wegman's plaza to participate in the discount program. To take advantage of this offer on-line and receive an additional $25 discount, visit and enter your SUNY Geneseo email address where indicated.

(warning) Note: To receive the maximum discount on a family plan, the Geneseo student must be a primary account holder on the AT&T family account. Account holder status may be changed without penalty. Please contact AT&T billing directly via the customer service number listed on a monthly bill.

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