Toshiba Copier Support: Basic Functions

CIT and Toshiba work closely together to support the Toshiba Multifunction Devices (MFD) located on campus. This page is intended to help you perform basic functions on Toshiba MFDs


How to copy

  1. Swipe your ID Card or fob on the ID Card reader

  2. Press the Access icon on the LCD screen then press the Copy icon on the LCD screen

  3. Press the number under Set in the upper right hand corner of the LCD screen, then use the on-screen number pad to enter the number of copies, then press OK

  4. Press the Blue start button to begin copying (to the right of the LCD)

How to scan a document to PDF and send via E-Mail

  1. Swipe your ID Card or fob on the ID Card reader

  2. Press the Scan icon on the LCD screen, or press the access icon then press the Scan icon on the LCD screen

  3. Press the E-mail button on the touch screen

  4. Press the number pad icon on the touch screen

  5. Enter in an email address on the touch screen, then press OK

  6. Press OK

  7. Insert document into the auto feeder (text facing up) or on the flatbed (text facing down)

  8. Press the Green start button on the keypad or the Green Scan button on the touch screen

  9. The copier will now scan all pages in the auto feeder or prompt for additional pages if using the flatbed
             a. If using the flatbed press Job Finish if no more pages
             b. If scanning additional pages, place them on the flatbed and press Green Scan on the touch screen or the Green start button on the keypad
             c. When finished scanning additional pages press Job Finish on the touch screen

  10. Press the Access key on the keypad and select Yes on the touch screen to logout or wait 45 seconds

  11. The scanned document should show up in your email inbox shortly

Scan to email is still subject to email attachment size limits. If you are scanning a large document we recommend using PaperCut Integrated Scanning to scan to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive

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