Retirees and Emeritus Faculty Resources

Information for faculty and staff at SUNY Geneseo who are soon to be or recently retired. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

If you were required to enroll and use Microsoft multi-factor authentication prior to your retirement, you will still be required to authenticate when accessing your Geneseo email. You should be prompted approximately every 14 days and might be asked to authenticate if your device, web browser, or location changes. For additional information regarding multi-factor authentication or for more information on how to manage/change your current authentication methods, please reference the following articles:

Account Password Resets

CIT highly recommends setting up a process known as Self Service Password Reset (SSPR). By setting this process up, you will be able to change your password without needing to contact the CIT HelpDesk. If you have set up Multi-Factor Authentication, it is likely that you have already set up SSPR. Please reference the following link on how to use SSPR to reset your password. 

If you need additional assistance with resetting your password, please contact the CIT HelpDesk by referring to the 'More Help' section below. 

Microsoft Office 365

Retirees and Emeritus faculty are now part of the group who have access to the Web version of Office 365. Although, locally installed instance of these Office applications may no longer work as you are used to, you will retain access to OneDrive and Microsoft Office Web Apps.

  • If you wish to have the full versions of office apps that you can install on your machine you will have to purchase your own license using a personal microsoft account (don't use your Geneseo email address when purchasing an Office license). Purchasing Microsoft Office 365

If you wish to not purchase a license for Office 365, there are alternatives available to you:

VPN Access

Retirees lose VPN access by default, however you can submit a request explaining your need to retain VPN access through our CIT HelpDesk.

Knightweb Access

Retirees may not maintain access to Knightweb. Inquiries about Knightweb access should be directed to the Registrar's office.

Adobe Creative Cloud 

If you have stored files in your Geneseo Adobe Creative Cloud account, Adobe offers a transfer service to help migrate your Faculty access to a personal Adobe account. Please view these instruction from Adobe to get started on that process.

Computer Equipment and Ongoing Support

Handing in your College Owned Computer Equipment

Retirees and emeriti must return their computer, and any related accessories, as part of the college’s separation procedure. State property control policy does not permit the college to sell equipment.

We highly recommend purchasing a personal computer to improve your computer experience in retirement. You can find our recommended configurations for new purchases on this page. Please create a request if you would like additional advice on purchasing a computer for your personal use.

What happens to the data on my existing college owned computer?

Once your computer is handed in to CIT, the computer is wiped and a new instance of OS is installed. This means that any data not removed from the device or saved elsewhere will be deleted and cannot be recovered at a later time. If data needs to be transferred from your existing college owned computer to a personal computer, CIT recommends using Google Drive (as Geneseo account holders have unlimited storage) or a personal external hard drive. Once the files are uploaded to Google Drive or saved to an external hard drive, you can easily move the files to the new computer by either accessing Google Drive via the web and downloading the files you need or plugging in the external hard drive to the new computer and copying the files over.

Please work with your department and the department chair to determine if there is any data that needs to be have its owner changed prior to your retirement. This would include files that you might own or maintain for your department in Google Drive or your departmental/personal folders on the file server. CIT recommends Google Shared Drives for files that fall into this category. 

Support for Personal Laptops and Accounts

All requests for personal computers and account support must go through the CIT HelpDesk. Support for personal laptops is limited to support for connecting to Geneseo resources. To contact the CIT HelpDesk, please refer to the 'Still Need Help' section below.