Microsoft OneDrive at Geneseo

Using Microsoft OneDrive to store your work data offers many advantages, including but not limited to the following:

  • In the event your computer is inaccessible or needs to be repaired, you can easily access your files from any other computer with little to no disruption to your work

  • When you get a new computer, having your files in OneDrive makes migration to a new computer far easier

  • If you have to work remotely or need access to one of your files from an alternate location, but don't have your primary computer, you can use another device, any computer with a web browser, or a mobile app

  • OneDrive protects your files from ransomware and other attacks, and your files are automatically backed up; if you store files outside of the OneDrive folder, you will be responsible for ensuring those files are backed up regularly

  • OneDrive meets very stringent data security standards

  • OneDrive stores previous versions of files automatically, making it easy to revert files or restore deleted files (up to one month)

  • OneDrive provides all Geneseo users up to 5TB of storage as part of our Microsoft Campus Agreement

  • Leveraging the Microsoft Campus Agreement that the college pays for is a strategic goal for CIT, and we will be using more OneDrive-related services like Teams file syncing in the future

Backing up with OneDrive

Visit Backing up Your Data for a full list of backup options supported by CIT. To get started backing up your data with OneDrive, review the following:

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