Ethernet Connecting In Your Room

How to connect a device to the network via ethernet in the residential halls.

Before You Begin

Geneseo uses MAC address authentication for its Residential Network (ResNet). This requires devices to be registered before they are allowed to connect.  All devices that wish to use the WIRED network connection need to be registered. This includes laptops, desktops, gaming consoles and streaming devices. For information about connecting these devices to our network, visit Gaming Consoles, Rokus and Apple TVs, TVs and Network Appliances in ResNet.

Find Your MAC Address

See MAC address


  1. Use another device (phone, laptop etc) and go to

  2. At the login page enter your Geneseo Username and Password and click "Sign On"

    login page
    login page
  3. At the "Manage Devices" page click "Add"

    Manage Devices
    Manage Devices
  4. At the "Add Device" page fill out the form and pay close attention to the "description" requirements.  Then click "Submit"

  5. Your device is now registered.  Connect your device to the ethernet port and you will be connected.  Ignore the "pending" status. Once you click "submit" on the registration page, your device is registered and allowed to connect to the network.

More Info

Ethernet port locations: 

Jones, Erie, Ontario, Genesee, Wyoming, Allegany, Livingston, and Onondaga have network drops near the windows.

Seneca and Putnam have drops located on the walls adjacent to the closets. Devices can be connected to the orange network drop.

Monroe has drops located along the walls between the door and window. 

Steuben, Nassau, Niagara, Suffolk and Wayne all have a wireless access point in each room that has 3 usable Ethernet ports on the bottom.  Only connect to ports LAN1, LAN2 or LAN3 as console and pass through do not work. 

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