Skype for Business at Geneseo (deprecated)

How to log into Skype for Business using your SUNY Geneseo username and password.


  1. Download Skype for Business for your device ( Follow the installation directions and launch the app.

  2. Click sign in.

  3. Enter your SUNY Geneseo username.

  4. Type your Geneseo password in the box that says password. 

  5. If you want your password to be saved and remembered, select Remember my password.

  6. Select the appropriate sign in option from the Sign in as: menu

    1. Available means that other users can see that you are online and request to chat.

    2. Busy shows other users that you are online but busy at the moment.

    3. Do not disturb shows users that you are busy and do not wish to be be contacted. This is helpful when presenting or when you know you will be in a conference call.

    4. Be right back tells users that you are away from the computer but will return soon.

    5. Off work indicates that you are not working at the moment.

    6. Appear away tells users that you are unavailable and away from the computer.

  7. Click the sign in button.

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