Email Sending to multiple recipients

Learn your options for sending email to large numbers of recipients.

Before You Start

  1. Determine if an existing mailing list will work for your message by reading our Mailing List General Information.

  2. Review Gmail's Sending Limits to see if your message can be sent via Gmail or if a different service like Google Groups is required.

Send Identical Messages


Gmail's sending limits are generous enough to accommodate most needs. Geneseo Gmail accounts can send a message to up to 2000 recipients.

Be very sure that you using the BCC field. BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and ensures that recipients cannot see other recipients. If you instead add recipients to the To or CC fields, any recipient who performs reply-all will send their message to all recipients of your message.

Google Groups

Google Groups are a popular solution for repeated communication with a large recipient list. Please see our our page on Google Groups for more information.

Send Customized Messages

The college has purchased licenses for Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), which faculty and staff accounts may use to perform email merges.

Please see YAMM's instructions on sending your first email campaign with YAMM and Gmail to get started, and YAMM's documentation repository for any additional questions.

YAMM uses your Gmail account to send the customized messages. This means whatever you send using YAMM is subject to Gmail's sending limits.


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