Meeting Room Hybrid Conference Systems: Meeting Owl and Kandao Meeting 360

The CIT HelpDesk has Meeting Owl Pro and Kandao Meeting 360 systems available for hybrid meetings. These conference cameras have advanced microphones and 360 degree camera systems that can determine the location of the attendee speaking and automatically frame each speaker within the video feed that is sent to the computer for use in remote meeting software such as Microsoft Teams. 

Before You Start

  • Determine which system you would prefer to use, and borrow it from the CIT HelpDesk in Fraser Library

  • Make sure you have the appropriate cables for the system. 

    • USB Type A to USB Micro B cable.

    • Power Supply.

    • USB Type A to Type C adapter if required.

    • Extension cord for power depending on outlet location.


Using the Meeting Owl Pro

  1. Plug the USB cable into the base of the Owl and the other end into your computer.


  2. Plug in the power adapter and wait until the Owl’s eyes stop pulsing and you hear a hoot sound. 

  3. Start your Teams Meeting. 

  4. Select the appropriate device in your Microsoft Teams Meeting

    1. Click on the 3-Dots More menu and then Settings and then Device Settings. 

    2. In the Device Settings menu, Select Meeting Owl Pro in the Audio Devices drop down. This should set the Microphone and Speaker to the correct Echo Cancelling Speakerphone Meeting Owl setting. Then select Meeting Owl Pro in the Camera drop down.

    3. Enjoy your meeting!

Using the Kandao Meeting 360

Note: Video Tutorial shows the Microphone, Speaker and Camera settings in Zoom. Microsoft Teams selections will be similar but will be set to Kandao Meeting 360 for all settings.



When you connect your laptop to a projector or TV, using separate/extended display mode on your laptop allows you to share only the Teams meeting app on the projector or TV, and keep potential sensitive information on your laptop display.  

On a Windows Laptop, press the Windows Key + P to bring up the Project Menu where you can choose Duplicate or Extend as needed. 

On a MacOS laptop, the Screen Mirroring settings can be found in the Control Center. 

Drag the Teams meeting window to the Projector or TV and keep the remaining windows on your laptop display. 

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