Gmail@Geneseo Mobile Access

How to access to your Geneseo email account on your mobile device. It also includes other apps available through the app store that are recommended for calendar, email, and task management.


Click the links below to go to specific instructions on setting up your mobile device access to Gmail@Geneseo.
  1. Android
  2. iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

When prompted for the account type, please select Google:

More Info

Many excellent free and paid apps are available for mobile devices in addition to the native apps built into the respective operating systems. Here are a few recommendations.

  • Android: the Gmail and Calendar apps are native to the OS and should automatically be available on your device. When browsing the Google Play Store, search for "Google" and official Google apps as well as third party apps will be listed. There are many apps that work with the various functions of your Gmail@Geneseo account.
  • iOS: the native Mail, Calendar and Contacts apps will work with your Gmail@Geneseo account. In the App Store, you can search for "Google" and see many different apps, including official Google apps as well as third party apps. Some of the apps IT staff like are:

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