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Gmail@Geneseo Basics

How do I login to Gmail@Geneseo?

You can access the new Gmail@Geneseo login page by going to Use your Geneseo email address (with the and your Geneseo password.

What is my email address?

All email accounts through Geneseo are in the format

Do I need to use a different password?

No. You'll be able to access your email with your existing Geneseo account credentials.

What if I already have a Gmail account?

If you already have a personal Gmail account, that's OK. Your Geneseo Google Workspace account is totally separate from your personal Google/Gmail account, so nothing will change about your personal Google account. You will not be able to integrate these two accounts at this time.

Keep in mind that Geneseo will always use your official Geneseo email address for campus communication. Official University email will go to your address and email addressed to your personal email will go to your current Gmail account.

There is no possibility to merge your personal and Google accounts into one. However, you can be signed into both the Google domain accounts and accounts simultaneously by adjusting the "multiple sign-in" settings in each account. Additionally, you can set your Google accounts to IMAP messages between them, or set up a forwarding rule to send messages from one account to another.

How much storage space does my account have?

More than 25 GB and counting. Google continues to add more storage space so email users can archive older messages rather than having to delete them. Much more generous amounts of storage space will allow your email to truly become a filing system during your college career.

Google does limit message size (including attachments) to 20 MB, so you don't need to worry about a large attachment taking up all your email space.

Privacy & Permissions

Is my information secure?

Absolutely. Just like bank and credit card websites, Gmail@Geneseo uses always-on HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure, so someone sharing your favorite coffee shop's public wi-fi can't sneak a peek at your information.

Who owns the data?
  • Google owns the software and applications within Google Workspace for Education.
  • Geneseo owns the email messages, calendar events and all other data within our Google domain.
  • Google is required to comply with all applicable privacy laws. SUNY's agreement with Google specifically requires Google to comply with FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) when handling data that includes Geneseo student information. In addition, Google is registered with the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement, which helps ensure that the protection of Geneseo's data will comply with European Union standards for educational institutions.
  • SUNY's agreement with Google limits Google's use of Geneseo's data to the uses necessary for Google to provide the services required by Geneseo. Google may not scan or mine Geneseo's data for advertising or other purposes. Google is contractually prohibited from serving advertisements in Geneseo's Google Workspace for Education environment.

For more information, see this Google webpage about security & privacy.


Can I log on to other Google-sponsored services with my Gmail@Geneseo username and password?

Your Google Workspace username and password will only work with the services that have been deployed within the Geneseo domain. To access other Google services, you will need to use a personal account through Google.

Will I be able to customize my email homepage background?

Yes. To modify the appearance of your Gmail@Geneseo account, click on the wheel in the upper right corner and select Settings. Then select the tab for Themes and select your preferred appearance.

Are Google's search functions built into Gmail@Geneseo?

Google’s search capabilities are built into all Google Workspace by default. You can search on any piece of information contained within an email message, whether a name, email address, date or time, keyword, attachment name, etc. Similarly, you can search within Contacts, Calendar, Docs, and other Apps to find what you are seeking.

Are there keyboard shortcuts or other quick ways to do things in Gmail?

Yes, see these links for more information:

Does Gmail have chat or notification features?

Gmail@Geneseo has integrated chat in every account, and you can even reply to email messages via chat.

There are notification options available within your Gmail@Geneseo account for chat, email, and appointments. Use the Google Chrome browser and take advantage of the "desktop notification" feature in your account.

If you use a different browser, you can download and use Google Notifier (available for both Windows and Mac). See this Google webpage for more information.

Is there a "retract" function?

Gmail does not have a "retract" feature for sent messages. There is a Labs feature called "Undo Send" that can be enabled; this lab gives you the ability to cancel the sending of a message during a specified time interval after you click the "send" button. It can be configured between 5-30 seconds. It is important to note that the Labs features are currently in beta mode and are not guaranteed.

Is there a "resend" function?

There is no "resend" feature. To resend a message, go into your Sent Mail label (or perform a search for the message) and forward your message to the recipient.

Will I have access to a global address book?

Yes. The email addresses of all Geneseo students, staff, and faculty are available in the global contact list. As you send messages from your Gmail@Geneseo account, addresses are automatically added to your personal contact list.

How do I remove an old/incorrect email address from a contact?

When viewing the specific contact record, click on the address that is incorrect and then click the trash can icon that appears next to it.

How will I create an office wide email distribution list that I can then share with others in the office?

Gmail@Geneseo does not allow sharing of contact lists; each individual will be responsible for managing their own lists. Someone who creates a list can export the list, send it to another person, and that recipient can import it into their contact list.

Instructions for doing this are at the following Google help pages:

Alternately, you can create a Google Group mailing list if you regularly email the same groups of people.

Can I color code my messages?

You can assign colors to your labels by clicking the down arrow to the right of the label in your list and select the color in the "Label color" section.

How do I edit/delete/show/hide a label?

Click on the gear button in the upper right and select "Settings." Then click the "Labels" link to view your labels. From there, you can add new labels, edit or remove existing labels, show or hide them from your list, and more. For more information, see this Google help page.

Can labels be sorted any other way besides alphabetically?

No, this is a system setting that Google does not allow us to change at this time.

Can I use a third party email client (Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.) to read my messages?

Yes, just see this self help page to configure your client.

How do I convert a mail message into a calendar event?

When viewing a message, click the "More" button and then select "Create event."

What are the limitations on attached files in my Gmail@Geneseo account?

To help prevent the spread of viruses and other malware, Gmail won't accept file attachments that are executable files. There's also a 25 MB size limitation on messages. See more information at this Google help page.

Can I upload and download PDF files using Google Docs and Spreadsheets?

Yes. While in the Docs app, click the Upload button and select Files. Select the file you wish to upload and confirm your selection. Once the upload is finished, you will see the file listed in your document listing.

Are there limitations on file sizes within the Gmail@Geneseo services?
  • Documents: The maximum permitted size is 500 KB plus up to 2 MB per embedded image. Additionally, your account has a limit of 5000 documents and 5000 images.
  • Presentations: The maximum permitted size is 10MB with a limit of 5000 documents and 5000 images.
  • Spreadsheets: Each spreadsheet can be up to 10,000 rows, or up to 256 columns, or up to 50,000 cells, or up to 20 sheets -- whichever limit is reached first. Imported spreadsheets cannot exceed 1 MB. Your account is limited to 200 spreadsheets.
Can I set up filters using this new account?

Log into Gmail@Geneseo with your username and password. Click on the wheel in the upper right corner, then select Settings. Click on Filters and create a new filter. For more information, see this Google help page.

How is spam handled in Google Workspace?

Google maintains a sophisticated anti-spam solution for all of their Gmail accounts. This system is maintained by Google and cannot be altered by Geneseo staff. Any email coming from a address to a Gmail@Geneseo account is automatically trusted to ensure that you can effectively communicate with fellow students or colleagues.

How do I report junk email?

While viewing a message, use the Report Spam button to let Google know if you received junk email or a spoofed message. Use the Report Phishing link to let Google know if you have received a phishing message. You will see a red warning message at the top of any emails that are suspected of referencing a phishing site.

How do I get rid of spam or junk mail?

Google automatically deletes any messages in your spam listing after 30 days. If you want to remove those messages sooner, follow the instructions on this Google help page.

How do I set up vacation messages for my Gmail@Geneseo account?

You can create a vacation response in your Gmail@Geneseo account that will automatically reply to anyone who emails you. Instructions are on this Google help page.

How do I setup Gmail to be my browser's default email client for mailto links?

You can configure your web browser to open gmail when you click on specially formatted email links. Instructions on how to do this for a variety of web browsers are listed on this article from HubSpot.

Why is autocomplete suggesting disabled accounts?

Google saves a copy of every email address a user communicates with to "Other Contacts" in messages sent through dedicated mail clients like Thunderbird or Mac Mail. Google uses "Other Contacts" when autocompleting recipients in Google services like composing a new message in Gmail, inviting someone to a Calendar event, or sharing a Drive file. Even if the account is now disabled, Google will continue to show it as a possible match if it exists in your "Other Contacts" group. If you remove a disabled contact from "Other Contacts" it should no longer be suggested by autocomplete.

Why are the Gmail@Geneseo services slightly different from similar services that are publicly provided by Google?

Google has customized the Google Workspace for Education services for optimal educational collaboration. Students, faculty, and staff will not see advertisements and Geneseo branding will appear at the top of most Google Workspace pages. In addition, SUNY has taken steps to ensure that your data is protected above and beyond a publicly available account.

When will Google add new features to Google Workspace? Why didn't anyone tell me Google was going to change something?

Google updates their applications on a regular basis and does so without notification, so CIT is often not able to let you know beforehand. All applications should be considered Google's property and any feature requests should be directed to Google and not CIT. You can submit feature requests via this Google webpage.


I want to use a smartphone or mobile device to read my messages/check my calendar. How do I do this?

Google services are very easy to access on a smartphone or mobile device. See this webpage on the Google Workspace Learning Center or this self help document for instructions on setting up your smartphone or mobile device.

What devices can I use to access my Gmail@Geneseo account?

Gmail@Geneseo is typically accessed through the web at, but you may use a mobile device or other IMAP client to access your account. See Google's IMAP help page for more information on configuring IMAP for Google. Please note that some features may be limited or not work properly when using a mobile device or IMAP client.

Which mobile devices support access to Gmail@Geneseo?

You can access your Gmail@Geneseo account using the following handheld mobile devices:

  • Android devices
  • Apple iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches
  • Windows Mobile devices

See the Google Workspace Learning Center page for mobile users for specific instructions.

I'm very concerned about accessing my email and calendar with my Blackberry.

There are known issues between Google and RIM (owner of Blackberry); these are beyond our control. Our testing has indicated that syncing email and calendar information does work between Gmail@Geneseo and Blackberry devices using the instructions linked above.

Can I/How do I use Google Talk on my mobile device?

See when your friends are online and send instant messages from anywhere by visiting from a web-enabled cell phone.

Google Chat/Talk

What is the difference between Google Chat and Google Talk?

Google Chat is embedded in your Gmail@Geneseo account, and Google Talk is a separate chat application that you can download and install on your local computer.

Does Google Chat/Talk have a video option?

Yes, Google Chat and Google Talk allow video and voice chatting as well as regular chat.

Is there a cost to use Google Chat/Talk?

No, there is no cost to use it. All chats, voice calls, and video chats to other Google users are free.

How do I download Google Talk?

Google Chat is embedded into your Gmail@Geneseo account, so no download is required. Windows users can download a separate client for Google Talk which incorporates additional functionality at

What are the system requirements?

Information about the system requirements for using the Google Talk client for Windows is available at this Google webpage.

How do I connect/sign into Google Talk?

To connect:

  1. Open the Google Talk software.
  2. Under Username, enter your Geneseo email address in the format
  3. Enter your Geneseo password.
  4. Click Sign In.
How do I use Google Chat/Talk?

Information on using Google Chat is available at this Google webpage.

Information on using Google Talk is available at this Google webpage.

How do I join a chat group?

Information on chat groups is at this Google webpage.

How do I change my status?

To change your status, follow the instructions on this Google webpage.

Why do uninvited people appear in my chat list?

This Google webpage explains why uninvited names appear on your chat list.

Can I use Google Talk to share files?

Yes, you can send files of any size directly to a friend while chatting. This option is great for sharing videos or presentation that might be too large to send via email.

What are bots?

Bots allow you to chat with someone in a different language; the bots automatically translate your messages. More information is available on this Google webpage.


I would like to know if and how we can use Google Docs for group projects.

Google Docs is available to everyone within the domain. Students and faculty are welcome to take advantage of the service for group projects or other needs.

Does the availability of Google Docs mean we are going to stop using Microsoft Office?

No, Google Docs is not a replacement for Microsoft Office. These applications will continue to be available to the campus. Geneseo's software licensing for Microsoft Office will remain the same.

Am I held accountable to Geneseo's Acceptable Use Policy while using Gmail and other Google Workspace?

Yes. If you have any questions, please review CIT's Policy web pages.

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